KORRY HOLDINGS LTD is owned by PNG National, Established in 2001, Our business Model is based on the accomplishment of products & services in the market of Papua New Guinea.

As a result of our SWOT analyses, we felt down and self-pity of the local opportunities we supposed to receive in our motherland. We have to utilize it and make it happen and enjoy the benefits in SME. But, we need each other to run the business through the business is a legal separate entity.

Papua New Guinea is very conductive for SMEs which supposed to be run by locals only but due to lack of management, we can’t manage to start a business. Because of poor or failed management skills of locals create big gaps and foreigners are filling this gap. Therefore, Mr. Michael Korry wishes to involve in Real Estate, Property

Development, Construction ,Security Services, Catering Services, Import & Wholesale Of Industrial and Food Packaging Products, Supplying Dry Goods, Supplying Groceries and providing of IT Services, Office stationeries and consumable items in PNG.

We wish to offer our services and products at an affordable price that can suits household, public services and private business.

The purpose of this profile is to show our keen interest that we have to trade in order to provide quality services and products. Your contribution will make a difference and put effect in our Business and our growth as a whole. Subsidiaries Of Korry Holdings Ltd are :

Korry Holdings

Client Name
: Korry
: Web Development
Start Date
: 10th Nov, 2020
End Date
: 16th Nov, 2020
: Completed