Nathan Lathursan

Database Developer | SQL Expert | Data Engineer                                                   

Welcome to my CBS Solution portfolio!

Hello, I'm a database expert having experience in different database 
systems and responsible for the design, programming, construction, 
and implementation of new databases, as well as modifying existing 
databases for platform updates and changes in user needs

For quick insights and to save you time, I have summarized key points of my Data Professional career as follows:

✅ 2+ years of Azure experience
✔️ Azure Data warehouse | Azure SQL databases
✔️ Azure Data Factory
✔️ Azure Synapse Analytics
✔️ Microsoft PowerBI
✔️ PowerBI integration with Azure Synapse
✅ 2+ years of Google Cloud experience
✔️ BigQuery Expert
✔️ Google Data Studio
✅ 2+ years of AWS databases experience
✔️ PostgreSQL | SQL Server databases migration
✔️ MySQL database optimization

Worked on 50+ B2B, B2C projects which include FinTech Applications,
ERP systems, Management Systems, E-Commerce and Inventory Systems.

Looking forward working with you and bringing up my A-game.


Sathees Satsoruby

Web Desinger | UX/UI Designer| Graphic Designer    

Welcome to my CBS Solution portfolio!

I am a web designer, developer and marketing strategist based in Sri Lanka. 
I build and maintain beautiful search friendly websites and digital assets that 
are optimized for performance. I am very committed to always keeping up 
with my knowledge of the most current best practices for performance 
optimization, cyber security, error maintenance, marketing strategy, 
SEO, traffic/ lead generation and super clean coding in order
 to help you fully maximize on your website or app.

I provide  my clients services such as:

✅ Web Design & Development
✅ Branding & Graphic Design
✅ Copywriting & Content Creation
✅ Security & Performance Optimization
✅ UX/UI Design
✅ SEM & SEO (Search Engine Marketing & Optimization)
✅ Digital Marketing (Targeted Ads, Email Marketing, etc.)
✅ Product Design

👉 If you have any questions or would like to chat more about the services that 
I provide, please do not hesitate to reach out!

Farook Fadhly Mohamed

Software Engineer

Welcome to my CBS Solution portfolio!

I am a graduate of Bachelor of
 Information and Communication 
Technology from University of Jaffna -
 Sri Lanka, I have been studying about 
computers since 2014. I can work in any 
programming language easily and 
can build websites and web applications.

Ask me for any problem in computer science 
and i will solve it. So basically anything 
regarding computer goes fine with me. 
I am studying about machine learning/
artificial intelligenceapart from just focusing
 on languages and algorithms. But my learning
 is not limited to just my bachelors as i am also 
an artist who makes sketches and paintings.
My life goal is to become a researcher in 
computer science that's all i know for 
now about my future.

My range of development services include 
creating web application , website , desktop 
applications , mobile applications , 
windows software ,android software etc. 
I have worked with many clients. I'm working 
professionally with Visual Studio , Dream 
viewer , neat beans and android studio .
I will work with you to discover what you
 need and create the best solution. My priorities
 are quality and respect of deadlines 
and budget. I love to share my enthusiasm and
 passion for development, so feel free to contact me
 and let's get the conversation started.